Please note Yacon is a Novel Food in the EU in the sense of

                                     Regulation EC 258/97

and can not be sold in the UK or any other Member State of the EC.

If you have any official document stating  Yacon in not a Novel Food, please contact us at

We will be on the EU market with our premium yacon syrup and powder as soon as this  situation may be solved.

More information about this problem with yacon in the European Community :

History of Yacon in the EC  l:
In Italy yacon was introduced in 1927 by prof.Mario Calvino but there is no any sales proof !
In Czech Republic yacon was succesfully introduced in 1993.All yields of tuber roots from Potato Research Institute Havlickuv Brod (1994,1995) were provided to Faculty Hospital  for preparing dietetic foods... but no wholesale evidence !
A first wholesale of packaged yacon tubers in Prague 5.9.1997 was done 4 months after the entry in force of Novel Food Regulation...TOO LATE !

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